• Ceramic Fusions - making art accessible
  • Ceramic Fusions - making art accessible
  • Ceramic Fusions - making art accessible
  • Ceramic Fusions - making art accessible
  • Ceramic Fusions - making art accessible

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CreativeInc in Cayman Islands * offers Ceramic courses and workshops as well as 'detox' sessions to enable mental health and well-being. The process of creation develops a focused mind with targeted coordination. We celebrate everyone’s uniqueness through the art they create. It is an opportunity to give something back and it motivates my creativity and energy to another level. '' 


In the News


You’ve heard of play time, how about clay time. Young creative minds got to turn ordinary pieces of clay into whatever their minds were set on. From dogs, to dolls, to paper weights and even house tools. This class is a part of a new programme to teach different styles of an art in detail.
Exposing the youth to new ideas. “It’s inspiring because it’s just very simple ideas they dare to make, they wouldn’t be thinking, oh this might not be possible, its very much a case of like…I can do anything I want,” said Geetha Alagirisamy, the ceramics teacher.


“I feel that art is an occupation and that not enough of our local kids pick it up as an occupation,” said Lennie Jackson, Manager of Office Supply.
Proceeds of these art classes will be going to fund a trip for local John Gray students to study art abroad to the Savannah school of Arts in Georgia. This months class is focused on ceramics, next month will be bleach and ink.
- by Philipp Richter, Cayman News Channel.



“Art appeals to the creativity in people of all ages and abilities. In anything created as functional, sculptural or decorative piece, there is no right and wrong in its beauty. Ceramic Fusions was founded to make art accessible in everyday life, to anyone and everyone. 

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